Curriculum & Pathway

Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management (T&M-DDP) provides world-class interdisciplinary education. All-round and well-integrated degree programs are designed for the T&M-DDP in different engineering disciplines and Biotechnology major.

Students are required to complete all requirements (e.g. school requirements and/or major requirements) for both BEng Degree or BSc Degree and BBA Degree. Also TEMG1010 requirement by T&M-DDP. Please click the links below to study the degree requirements and example of program pathway for details. For TEMG1010 requirement, please refer to the page of TEMG1010 T&M Activities. You can also visit HKUST Program Catalog and Curriculum Handbook for more detailed program requirements.

Example of Study Pattern for COGBM (2016-17)


5-Year UG Program Example Pathway

(Students admitted in Year 1 via Program-based track and students admitted in Year 2 via School-based track from 2016-17 Intake)

5-Year UG Program Example Pathway 

(Students admitted in Year 2 via School-based track in 2016)